Two New Programs at Stafford House

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Two New Programs at Stafford House

Stafford House International is excited to offer two new offerings for university students in 2017. We’re very excited to launch our University Placement program this year. This program gives our students a new way to connect with our existing network of over 50 university partners, which includes several Study Massachusetts members. Our current students already benefit from the English exam waiver agreements we’ve established with great universities in Massachusetts and elsewhere in the US and Canada. But through the University Placement service, students applying from their home countries can also gain access to the streamlined admissions processes and great programs at our partner institutions before they even arrive in the US.

Our University Pathways team will help students find a great match from within our partner network, which includes more than a dozen universities in Massachusetts. We’ll help coordinate the application and assist with gathering the necessary materials. At the end of the process, the student will receive their Conditional Letter of Acceptance from our partner university and Stafford House program confirmation. Once the required Stafford House English level is completed, the student will begin your university studies at the next available start date.

In addition to Stafford House’s General English, Exam Preparation, Business English, and Professional Certificate programs, Stafford House students can now participate in our University Preparation program. To participate, students can chose any of our existing courses as their Core Class, and they’ll also have access to a range of module classes that target specific skills students will need to be successful in college or university studies. Some of our academic modules include Academic Writing, which provides analytical writing practice for advanced students, College Prep, which covers concepts like note-taking, academic integrity, and university structure, and Public Speaking, which will prepare students to effectively deliver speeches and presentations.

The University Preparation package has already proven to be a popular choice with our students. It has been specially designed for students who want to prepare themselves academically as well as improving the English skills before transferring to a US college or university. Students get the benefits of being exposed to the customs and norms in American academic classrooms as well as practice the skills they’ll need to be successful university students.

Both our Academic Preparation and University Placement programs allow Stafford House to better serve the needs of our students. Our goal is to help our students achieve their educational goals, and we’re always striving to make sure Stafford House gives them the skills they need to make it happen. For more information about our programs and to see our network of partner institutions, check out our website.


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